Gordes Zeolite is awarded the GMP+ Certificate

Gordes Zeolite has been awarded the GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate

Gordes Zeolite, both a leading producer and global supplier of the natural mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite, has more than 20 years of solid experience. After much hard work and dedication, by both its management and workforce, it has been awarded the highly coveted and very prestigous GMP+ Certificate. This award is specifically designed to internationally harmonise production of feed additives and recognise exemplary performance throughout the whole feed process. It therefore not only includes the actual processing and production of zeolite based feed but also the quality control, health and safety, storage, trading (sales), customer care and finally shipping of the “zeolite” based feed to the end user. Gordes Zeolite completed the quality and audit inspection process with SGS Quality Consulting and has now proudly joined the very select ranks of only 17 companies operating within Turkey that possess a GMP+ Certificate.

SGS Consulting whose Headquarters are in Geneva is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They are recognized for setting the global benchmark in terms of quality and integrity. More than 80,000 of their personnel operate within a network of more than 1,650 offices and laboratories worldwide.

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