ZETA is a 100% natural product that can be used on its own, or mixed with other bedding materials. It has a very high water retention capacity, can adsorb ammonia gas, due to ammonia gas selectivity with its ion exchange feature, and can initiate both of these two positive effects on a bedding material.

The build-up of unpleasant odour, caused by ammonia, via urine, is one of the most common and serious health problems encountered in cattle sheds, poultry coops and other agricultural buildings housing livestock. ZETA prevents this!


ZETA's function can be summarized as removing the moisture on the base plate and preventing the ammonia gas that normally occurs.


  • It provides a dry, soft and warm base environment.
  • Keeping base plate moisture between 20-30 % promotes the healthy development of animals ( higher FCR and prevention of diseases such as Coccidiosis ).
  • It stops fungal infections such as Aspergillosis by preventing reproduction of fungi which normally occurs in damp environments.
  • It is well known that, Decubutis ulcers (pressure sores), caused when animals lay upon hard floors, spoil the quality of the carcass and therefore the meat when the animal is eventually butchered. ZETA's presence, as a bedding (litter) in their living environment, eliminates this problem.
  • Using ZETA significantly reduces ammonia gas, fertilizer moisture, foot burn and fly larvae infestation.
  • Oxygen rates in the animals living area significantly increase, to a healthy level, as ZETA absorbs ammonia. This leads to less stressful environments and therefore more contented animals.
  • ZETA plays a supportive role in preventing respiratory diseases and provides a sterile environment. Expenditure on medicine is therefore greatly reduced.
  • It is possible to use animal waste, that has been absorbed/mixed with ZETA, in livestock areas, as an excellent fertiliser which releases ammonia, calcium and phosphoric acid.

ZETA's Function

Ammonium problems, caused by the build up of urine from animals in their living environment, can be completely solved by utilising ZETA and its high ammonium adsorption properties.

As has been mentioned already, the chemical reaction of water and urea produces ammonium and carbon dioxide. ZETA adsorbs the moisture on the base plate. This maintains a dry environment and therefore prevents this happening.


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