This 100% safe natural mineral product is not only used by agricultural feed factories that produce animal feed for dairy and beef cattle, sheep, broiler chickens, hens (and in fact all other types of poultry and livestock), but also the end users who can add it directly to their feed on, for example, farms. Thanks to Nat-Min 9000’s high cation exchange capacity (CEC), it can retain in its porous channels, water, oils and minerals (Na, Ca, Ammonium). This means that when combined with normal feed it dramatically improves it, and provides any animal with a far healthier and well-balanced diet by releasing these elements during digestion. 

It also performs one other vital function-As it passes through the animals (within the feed they have consumed) digestive systems, it captures hazardous substances such as ammoniac, ammonium, heavy metals and micro-toxins which have built up in the environment, as pollutants, and been absorbed into their metabolisms. It then removes them via their excrement. This not only seriously enhances the health and growth of the animals but prevents these dangerous pollutants from entering the food chain via milk, meat and eggs!

Zeolite is authorized for use in animal nutrition to a maximum of 10g/kg by EC Regulation No.1831/2003 & EU Regulation No. 651/2013 under the category of technological additive (functional groups: binders, anti-caking agents, coagulants and substances to control radionucleide contamination with identification number 1g568).

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