Filter Clino

What is Filter Clino? 

FILTER CLINO is a direct substitute for quartz sand, currently used in many swimming pools, and has far better results. It significantly reduces costs by removing ammonia using its ion exchange and superior micro-filtration properties. This in turn drastically reduces the amount of chlorine that has to be used. Why? Because for 24hrs a day, every day, it actively removes ammonia and ammonia compounds from the water which get there via sweat and urine emanating from people actually swimming in the water. These pools, if using sand as a filter, quickly eat up the pool chlorine by reacting with it to produce unpleasant, odour causing chloramines. In open air pools, heavy rain can also produce undesirable nitrates that end up in your pool water via wash-in (water running off lawns and gardens and contaminating pool water with organic matter and fertilizers).  

Because individual clinoptilolite grains are not smooth and have an internal honeycomb structure they can attract and bind (prevent escaping) extremely fine dirt particles and algae. This is far better than sand that basically just traps matter between its grains. In practical terms this means that 40% to 50% more can be filtered out of a pool (removed) and because clinoptilolite can capture far smaller particles, the clarity of the water is much better; within hours of replacing sand in filters. Filter-Clino can be used for much longer than sand and reused after backwash. The very good news is that when it eventually needs to be replaced (normally around once a year) it can be then used for another excellent purpose: to improve soil without harming the environment in any way – in this particular case it will slowly release the ammonia, it has collected from the pool. When applied to lawns, flower beds, plants and trees it will produce excellent results in terms of growth. In fact, in our fertiliser division 'Dorado Natural' we actually supply products which are designed for exactly this agricultural purpose. Why does Filter Clino eventually need to be replaced? Because if a pool is used heavily by a lot of people (particularly outdoors in the sun) sun cream, body oils and sweat all combine to eventually clog the filter medium and backwashing finally just doesn't help anymore.

In large sports centres, where many pools are located, it can prevent serious health issues caused by high density usage. It does this by capturing, and binding into its structure, 'Cryptosporidium.' This is a protozoan parasite which lives as a tiny round oocyst measuring about 4 to 6 microns in diameter, within the stomachs of those already infected. It can then be passed onto others causing diarrhea, cramps, nausea and fever. Filter - Clino can prevent this happening. 

It can also prevent the age old problem of burning eyes which go very red. This is actually caused by ammonia (indoor) and ammonia and nitrates (outdoor) reacting with pool chlorine, to form very unpleasant 'chloramines' (dichloramine and monochloramine) which directly cause the initial burning and then red eyed symptoms that follow. 

The chloramines are also responsible for another very common problem which is the horrible chlorine aroma left on the skin after bathing in chlorinated pools. Surprisingly this is not actually caused by chlorine- the guilty party is the Chloramines. Filter-Clino completely removes this problem. 

Filter-Clino also acts as a filter on the atomic scale (which sand cannot) by absorbing ammonium ions (NH4+) from swimming pool water. This eliminates algae. How? Because of a very strong negative charge that is present within the mineral structure of the pure zeolite-clinoptilolite this attracts positively charged cation contaminants (such as the ammonia) and captures (binds) them so they too cannot escape.

Can be safely used in fresh and salt water filters.


Replace your existing sand with the same quantity of Filter – Clino.

1 – Take off filter cover.

2 – Remove the old sand.

3 – Half fill the tank with fresh water.

4 – Replace lid

5 – Backwash for 3 minutes and then rinse for 2 minutes.

6 – Having turned off the pump remove lid and add more Filter-Clino to the same level as the previous sand.

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