Filter Media for Drinking Water Purification

When used in pressure vessels or gravity flow filtration beds, our zeolite-clinoptilolite filter media offers a far more efficient (superior) solution than other conventional options such as sand, sand and anthracite or multimedia. Our zeolite granules are very pure and because of the minerals unique honeycomb structure, and special ion exchange capability, they are able to not only remove (capture) much smaller particles than normal but also, vitally, bind (capture) toxins, heavy metals and other pollutants. This means, in practical terms, that the health of those who eventually drink/utilise the water is 100% safe guarded.        


It offers a lower DP for a given flow rate. Can capture more (highest solids loading) and therefore reduces the frequency of back washing. This, in turn, reduces energy costs and the amount of water required to actually regenerate the granules. It also offers far better results in terms of filtration at high flux rates. 


Can be used, for example, in municipal water treatment plants producing drinking water for the population, bottling plants, emergency situations (disaster relief - refugee camps), in fact anywhere where water, for safe human consumption is a requirement.

Note: When Gordes Filter medium is applied to (placed in) filter beds the normal suggested depth is 0.914 meters (3ft). If less than this is used then the solid loading capacity is reduced and therefore the frequency of back washing rises. 

We, as a water purification solution partner, fully review each of our clients individual project filtration requirements before offering clear, very specific advice. This includes a full questionnaire, face to face discussions and visits to site whenever the need arises.      
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