Nat-Min 9000 For Fish



Nat-Min 9000 Aqua Feed, is composed of sodium-calcium-potassium-silicate alumino hydrate. It is produced using the highest quality zeolite clinoptilolite. It is 100% safe, used world-wide, and dramatically increasses the health, size and survivability of fish.

In aquaculture it has three main purposes:

  1. Prevents pollution in the aquariums, ponds, pools, lakes and large scale fishfarms.
  2. Removes nitrogenous compounds from the water during all stages of a fish's life.
  3. Is used as a natural feed additive which dramatically increases the health, growth and survivability of fry and adult fish. It also removes pollutants (toxins and heavy metals from their metabolisms - excreted). On fish farms, breeding them for human consumption, this prevents these dangerous elements from entering the food chain.

Normal waste matter, produced by fish, can result in a build-up of ammonia which has a toxic and potentially fatal effect on the fish.

Nat-Min 9000 prevents this which allows for a safe transportation of fish from one location to another. 

Summary of Benefits: 

Promotes healthy digestive systems in fish. Increases feed efficiency. Allows higher numbers of fish to survive. Accelerates growth. Removes heavy metals and toxins, via excretion, and therefore prevents these dangerous elements from entering the human food chain.

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