Nat-Min 9000 for Poultry

Attributes of Natural Mineral Feed Additive Nat-Min 9000


  • Increases egg yield.
  • Produces a natural colour.
  • Eggshell quality improves due to increased benefit of calcium.
  • Prevents unshelled egg formation.
  • Minimises the rate of broken and cracked eggs.
  • Prevents roughness on shells.
  • Increases egg size and weight significantly.
  • Makes the shelf life of eggs longer by providing healthy egg formation.
  • First egg laying is brought forward by two-three days.
  • Prevents egg yield decrease, which normally occurs as hens age, and therefore maintains uniform egg production.
  • Captures toxins and heavy metals and prevents them entering the food chain; Particularly effective at preventing aflatoxin retention.


  • Provides healthy and effective diet.
  • Promotes normal body formation.
  • Decreases rate of undigested feed release by maximizing nutritional benefit of the feed.
  • Shortens the live weight period required before cutting.
  • Retains toxin and heavy metals; Strongly influences aflatoxin retention.
  • Traps heavy metals such as Cd, Co, Pb very effectively and removes them via excrement.
  • Prevents leg deformities and therefore avoids weight loss in chickens, which would normally have difficulty reaching water and feed.
  • Protects the animal against toxic-level ammonia accumulation by serving as ammonia storage.
  • Ammoniac level in blood declines and toxic accumulation in liver is prevented by Nat-Min 9000 supported diet.
  • Prevents diarrhoea and watery excrement.
  • Nat-Min 9000 can be added to both fresh and dry feed.
  • Decreases death rate by increasing overall health, so medical cost, per individual bird, is greatly reduced.

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