Nat-Min 9000 Micronized Plus

Nat-Min 9000 Micronized Plus is a completely safe feed aaditive and toxin binder.

It can be used with all kinds of animal feed by mixing 2-4 kg/ton. Amount of use can be increased up to 6 kgs for mycotoxin control. 

Benefits of Nat-Min 9000 Micronized Plus

  • Nat-Min 9000 Micronized Plus is an effective and high quality toxin binder and feed additive with natural minerals in its structure.
  • Nat-Min 9000 Micronized Plus binds excessive amounts of ammonia, enhances microbial protein synthesis and prevents ammonia accumulation in toxic levels. 
  • Prevents transfer of toxins to the bloodstream, strengthens the immune system and accelerates growth of the animals. 
  • Binds toxins and heavy metals arising from feed and feed materials, helps them to be discarded out of the body. 
  • Protects animals from diarrhea and creates a healthier and odourless environment for them. 
  • Improves quality of feed, prevents lump formation.
  • Provides energy saving during pelleting process and decrases feed costs due to its pellet binding feature. 
  • Prevents oxidation and degredation during storage. 

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