Zeo Oil-Chem Spill Cleaner

Description: Quickly and efficiently (in a matter of minutes) cleans oil spills and many other forms of chemical and biological spills. Can be used safely; both indoors and outdoors.

This product consists only of natural minerals and contains no chemicals whatsoever. It is 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

Physical, Chemical and Mineralogical Properties of Zeo Oil-Chem Spill Cleaner

Colour Grey, beige
Physical Shape Powder 
Odour Odourless
Solubility Not Soluble
Boiling Point Not applicable
Freezing Point Not applicable
Melting Point 1800 0F
Bulk Density: 0,7 - 1,1 g/cm3

Initially pour a sufficient amount of ZEO OIL-CHEM SPILL CLEANER all around the spill to contain it. Then apply further amounts onto the surface of the spill to create a layer. You will notice that caking begins to occur. Use a trowel, shovel or brush and keep mixing it until the spillage has been completely absorbed and dried out. Finally, dispose of the absorbed spill according to normal waste regulations.

Click on this link to see demonstration videos of ZEO OIL-CHEM SPILL CLEANER in use and how remarkably effective it is.

Storage Conditions:
Should be kept sealed in its original packaging. Should not be stored outdoors in case of contact with water.

Packaging :
9 lt buckets, 20 kg bags
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