ZETA Poultry Litter

Zeta Poultry Litter is a special formula based on natural mineral clinoptilolite. It can safely be used in poultry houses of all types.

  • It is a mineral-based natural product with a high water retention capacity.
  • This natural product has the ability (as litter) to hold toxins, ammonium (urine), and water (reduce dampness).
  • Prevents bad odours in coops; reduces CRD disease by retaining ammonia gas.
  • Avoids chest burn, leg and foot problems caused by ammonia accumulations in the litter.
  • Prevents the reproduction of larvae and maggots, thereby dramatically reducing the presence of flies.
  • Prevents fungi growth in the litter and decreases coccidiosis.
  • After use, it can be applied as an excellent fertiliser.
  • Scientific research shows that natural zeolite supplemented litter increases Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and live weight while decreasing death ratio as it improves the quality of the living area. (Use of natural zeolite-supplemented litter increased broiler production,- Eleroğlu, H., Yalçın, H., South African Journal of Animal Science 2005, 35 (2).
  • Depending on the condition of the coop 6 - 8 kg of Zeta is laid per m2 (10 kg for turkeys) after the coop has been cleaned and disinfected.
  • Rice husks, etc. can be used as cover material.
  • Could be laid more under water channels, baseboards and where the fans are located.
  • Could be spread over areas of increasing moisture.

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